Friday, 16 March 2012


I write this especially for my lovely sis Melur Jelita. this is to show and to let you know the impact of ASST in me.
When I read the first dialogue from Intan......
"Woi.....diamlah sikit. Orang nak telan pun tak lalu!"
And when she's start questioning Hilman Yong about his converting to Islam, I was saying, whooaaa....How dare she is and she's remind me of someone, isn't it sis Melur Jelita.
And keep me wondering what gonna happen in the coming chapter. The way you make them know each other is so brilliant. I really love it.
When Intan keep misunderstanding towards Hilman Yong make me say, what a stupid girl, for god's sake please listen to him for once. But thats the beauty of it, isn't it? to be tested again and again.
When Hilman keep proposing to Intan, I feel like, wow so romantic. But on the second thoughts, I am agree with Intan. How could you accept anyone's proposal without knowing who he or she is. At least you have to find out their background.
But Intan still repeating the same mistakes, never listen to Hilman's explaination. And when she's realising it, well it's late at that time.
Then they meet again after keeping the frustration to themselves after so long. Padan muka kan. Hik3
~Semakin dia mendekat...aku harap aku silap. Sesak nafasku, Aku cuba bertenang. Rasa darah seperti terhenti mengalir. Jantung seperti terhentak kuat, kemudian senyap!
Akhirnya dia berdiri di depanku. Aku menahan diri. Jangan la aku jatuh terduduk.~
If I was there to be facing that situation, I'm sure I will losing my balance and cry like hell. And feel the sadness when the only person you wish to see won't recognize you. Sob sob sob
And then the stories begin. Hik3 the way they've become close is fantastic. But when Hilman's always want to control Intan make me say, what an arrogant person. He thinks he's the best. Please la. But that is Hilman. Hmmmmmmm
The story flows beautifully................
"Saya tak pernah tinggalkan awak. Walaupun awak jauh, saya dapat melihat awak. Walaupun awak jauh, saya dapat merasa kehadiran awak. Walaupun awak jauh, saya dapat mendengar awak. Saya sentiasa di sisi awak. Awak sentiasa di sisi saya, di sini."
That is my fav line and it touches me deeply. If I was there, I'm gonna ask Hilman, Will you marry me, Hilman? Hik3
Oh my.....I love this story so much. It makes me insane. Hik3
The best part for me is the day they've got into real fight. That's where you will know where your heart really is and the flying colors that Hilman shows of himself.
"Don't you ever disobey me! Jangan cabar I. You belum kenal I ni siapa! Kali ini, sekali you melangkah tinggalkan I, sepuluh langkah I akan tinggalkan you! You tinggalktan I, I akan tinggalkan you terus! You won't see me again!"
Hilman, Hilman, Hilman, how could you say such words. It hurts me, but go to hell with you. What a such an arrogant person.......hmmmmmm
But when Hilman got an accident...............well its really sad. how could that happen.....
Then Damien shows up. Well the naughty boy is coming. I love you Damien. Addoiiii.....Hik3
To face Damien everyday in your life will really make you crazy, sad and insanely missing him every single moment. Like Intan says....
"Dia ada...tetapi saya tak boleh dekat dengannya. Tak boleh bercakap dengannya...seperti pasangan berkasih sayang yang lain."
Sob sob sob
Kalau dah jodoh tak ke mana kan. When Damien also fall in love with Intan, and he's proposing to her, make me say please Intan just say yes. Hik3
But pity Intan too, because Damien is inside Hilman and Hilman is inside Damien. Hmmmmm so complicated.
"I will make you fall in love with me, dreaming of me day and night. And you will tell, you want me to kiss you, so badly."
Damien please, of course I want all of that. Addoooiiiii........Really make me crazy of this story. So damned good. Sorry for that words.
As the story goes on, Damien is always be the same as he says.......
"You're my girl now. No one else in your heart. It should be me. in your eyes, in your mind."
Hmmmmmm yeah always and forever both of you are in my mind. can't get rid of it.
I can feel the love in both of them. But its really a hard thing to do for Intan for her to bring Hilman's back. To make him return from wherever he's missing.
"Saya tidak akan melupakam awak selama-lamanya. Jika awak sudah mendapat kembali cahaya hidayah dari Allah SWT, kembalilah. Saya tetap menunggu awak, jika tidak di dunia, di akhirat. Menunggu Muhammad Hilman Yong Abdullah atau Damien Yong Teik Wah...walau apapun nama awak, awak tetap seorang Islam."
So brave for Intan to say such words. to be tested again and again, I'm sure I can't go through that. Hmmmmm
Finally Hilman's wake up from his long sleep, found his real self. Thank god. Hik3
But Intan almost do the same mistakes when she make a decision to leave Hilman without his explaination.
Please Intan, you would regret it if you really left him. Remember what he says to you.
"Saya cuma mahu awak berjanji yang awak akan sentiasa mempercayai saya, sentiasa di sisi saya, mendengar saya...jangan ada sedikit pun rasa ragu-ragu. Sentiasa di samping saya ketika susah atau senag, baik atau buruk...sentiasa menyokong saya dengan sepenuh hati awak."
I promised you Hilman. Hik3

To my lovely sis Melur Jelita, thank you for creating such a wonderful and remarkable story. You've make my life beautiful every single moment. To feel the love that you have visualised in ASST is an outstanding work. Love you forever........

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  1. Well said's exactly how I felt after reading ASST......terima kasih untuk Kak Melur Jelita kerana mempersembahkan masterpiece yg cukup indah ini....

    p/s: can't wait to meet all of you in May...counting the days...hehe